Best kayak Paddle For Fishing To Buy In 2020

The best kayak paddle will work superbly hard is imperative. That’s true if you plan on spending many hours on the water finding unpressured fishing holes. The best and real gem is a paddle that does all that without sacrificing function or durability. So, The river proved the best platform to push the paddles as hard as we need to see if they lived up to their type.

Best Kayak Paddle for Fishing

Paddle type and style saturate the market, so select the right one can be difficult. A paddle that the Angler is confident and comfortable in can change standard days into an epic one without the energy expenditure.

The option is up to you for construction materials and costs. Our experts tested all of these paddles on open water with the experienced anglers and passed the durability and functionality test with the best colors. This will make your choice easier.

Features Of The Best Kayak Paddles

1) Shaft

The shafts are the handles of the paddles and connect two blades of each paddle.

2) Ferrule

A band or ring strengthening or forming a joint. In multiple paddles, the bushing is the joining joint of two pieces.

3) Blade

The paddles of the kayak contain two blades, and blades provide the surface area on the paddle that allows the paddler to propel themselves through the water.

4) Polypropylene

It’s a plastic that is much harder and more heat resistant than other types.

5) Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is the lightest and most durable material on the market. It garners the highest price.

6) Dihedral Blade

These blades are easily identifiable by the ribbed separation down the center of the blade. This perpetuates a natural flow of the water over both halves of the blade.

7) Feathering

Featuring refers to the angle that the blades are offset from one another. The majority of kayak paddle shafts allow for rotating them to feather the blades, so they are not on the same plane. Matched blades are within the same plane. Feathering can be adjustable in set increments or in some cases.

8) Asymmetrical Blade

Asymmetrical blades are shaped a bit differently about the shaft, as opposed to symmetrical blades. When holding the paddle and looking at the blade, the top side is longer and tapers down to the bottom. This design gives a much more efficient paddling style.

If you are finding the best kayak paddles for fishing that are hard to find for your next fishing tour. So, you don’t have to waste your time reading tons of reviews and searching the web to identify the best kayak paddles according to your demands. At the kayak manual, our team experts reviewed the famous kayak paddles that are mainly designed for fishing trips.

Our Best Pick up of Best Kayak Paddle for Fishing

  1. BENDING BRANCHES classic kayak paddle
  2. Werner Camano Fiberglass Paddle for Boating
  3. SeaSense Kayak Paddle
  4. Carlisle Predator Fiberglass Kayak Paddle Camo
  5. Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle
  6. Caviness Wood Paddle
  8. Backwater Assassin Carbon fiber hybrid kayak paddle
  9. Perception Kayak Pescador Paddle
  10. Shoreline Marine Rounded Kayak Paddle

1. BENDING BRANCHES Classic Kayak Paddle

Classic Kayak Paddle

The Bending Branches kayak came in 1982, and it has grown to become one of the best and largest well-known paddle manufacturers. The brand has justifiably landed several paddles in the guide.

The angler classic is a low-angle paddle, and these are available in different sizes to accommodate paddles of varying sizes and widths of kayaks. This two-piece, largely fiberglass paddle features a three-hole buttons snap ferrule that allows for adjusting the blade angle to accommodate paddling techniques. However, if you are relatively new to the paddling arena, you can put it together and hit the water.

If you get your line caught on the branch, the integrated hook retrieval system allows you to extend your reach while measuring the tape on the shaft of the paddle will allow you to access which fish to keep and which to throwback quickly.


  • The Angler Classic provides you the bells and whistles that these high-end fishing paddles do, at an affordable price that any fisherman can easily afford.
  • The paddles of the kayak enable you to smoothly pull through the water and maintain a flutter-free stroke no matter your skill level.
  • You can easily separate the paddles into tow pieces for saving storage and comfort travel.
  • It comes with the snug-fitting hole snap buttons that easily adjustable for 0 to 60 degrees, right and left control.
  • The fiberglass-reinforced blades of the paddles offer a perfect blend of durability and weight that results in smooth paddling.
  • One blade has convenient hook-retrieval notch so you can rescue your lure and line in case of less than perfect cast.

Specifications of BENDING BRANCHES

Specifications Values
Product dimensions 46 x 8 x 2 inches
Product weight 1 pound
Blade Material Fiberglass-Reinforced Nylon
Shaft type 2-piece
Shaft Material Fiberglass

BENDING BRANCHES classic kayak paddle

  • Lightweight paddles
  • Built-in hook retriever
  • Available in different sizes
  • Available in different sizes
  • The great value of your money
  • The paddle is durable and strong
  • Fancy kayak paddle
  • 3-hole snap-button ferrule for adjustable feathering
  • Not available in various colors
  • May not easily useable for those used to carbon foam blades

2. Werner Camano Fiberglass Paddle for Boating

Best kayak paddle to buy in 2020

If you a boating lover and you want to go boating, so you need the best kayak paddle. The Werner Camano paddles are one of the great paddles that features a carbon fiber shaft for the ultimate in strength for making it a very lightweight kayak paddle.

It is durable that it will stand up the harshest of abuse. The blades of the paddle are of an advanced design that is made of high glass resistance and nylon for efficiency and durability of paddling.
The dihedral shape of the paddles provides you stable and smooth padding, especially for long-distance paddling.

Features of Werner Camano

  • The paddle comes with an advanced dihedral blade design that creates stable forward strokes.
  • Paddle light swing weight reduces fatigue so you can comfortably enjoy your weekend.
  • The touring design by the Werner paddles gives you more enjoyable boating.
  • You can quickly get any paddle because these paddles come in various sizes.
  • Mid-size blades offer smooth and gentle power stroke.

Specifications of Werner Camano

Specifications Values
Product dimensions
47 x 8 x 4 inches
Product weight 7.8 pounds
Sizes Available Different sizes 
Blade Fiberglass
Blade Fiberglass
Design 2-Piece
Length220 to 260 cm
ShaftCarbon Blend

Werner Camano Fiberglass Paddle for Boating

  • Carbon weave shaft keeps the overall weight low and allows you to easily paddling for a long time.
  • The smart ferrule keeps the shaft similar to a one-piece, no snags, no wiggle, just stiff and firm.
  • Available in plenty of colors.
  • Lightweight paddles
  • Fiberglass blade stiff, durable ease of stroking through the water.
  • Inherent in low angle paddle
  • You may face a hard time tracking in a straight line.

3. SeaSense Kayak Paddle

SeaSense Kayak Paddle

The x-treme mix kayak paddles form the SeaSense is the best fishing kayak paddles. You can purchase it any size; the company offers the paddles in two different sizes and colors. It is an adjustable drip guard for paddling in the water. Additionally, these paddles come with three locking positions for greater customization.

Moreover, The kayak is floating, which means that it can’t sink in the water if it slips from the hand during paddling. The locking options can be adjustable according to the grip of paddling. The support in the paddle makes it durable, which is a must due to the extra length. There is a fear of the bending of the central rod. The central position of the paddle is aluminum, which is resistant to corrosion, and the plastic of the blades is hard to increase the paddling strength.

The people who buy this paddle said that the plastic end could have a lot of flex. And other customers said that the blades and shaft would not be suitable for white water kayaking.

Features of SeaSense

  • The paddles are made with the fiberglass filled nylon material that makes it durable and lightweight.
  • The blades are made of polypropylene and reinforced, which makes it more efficient in the water.
  • The shaft of the paddle is lightweight aluminum with ergonomic foam for strength and comfort.

Specifications of SeaSense

Specifications Values
Available Colors5

SeaSense Kayak Paddle

  • Length is about 243 cm which is good for 6ft tall person
  • The durability of the paddles provides support and force for propulsion
  • It floats and can’t sink if dropped accidentally in the water.
  • The paddles have a tight grip
  • Option for feathered
  • Many flexes
  • Not suitable for white water.

4. Carlisle Predator Fiberglass Kayak Paddle Camo

Fishing kayak to buy

The Carlisle predator paddles are designed for the use with the fishing kayak or canoes, so you can quickly get your favorite kayak for fishing. The balanced asymmetrical blades on both sides of the paddle reduce torque and also minimize wrist fatigue.

Additionally, Slight spooning in blade grab water and provides the power needed when paddling a fishing kayak that is typically heavier and wider than a recreational kayak. The fiberglass shaft gives a sweet compromise between the required stiffness for the flex and the storage paddle to reduce stress on your joints.

Carlisle brand offer paddles with longer length in colored blades to accommodate winder boats. The anger has hook line cutout on edge to help you to recover a stuck lure.

Features of Carlisle Predator

  • The paddles come with fiberglass reinforced polypropylene blades.
  • A two-piece paddle that is very easy to breakdown
  • The paddles have black wrapped fiberglass shaft
  • The paddle is available in four different sizes you anyone according to your length.
  • Colors of the kayak paddle are available in various combos.

Specifications of Carlisle Predator

Specifications Values
Blade Material
Glass-reinforced Polypropylene
Blade ShapeAsymmetrical
Shaft Material Wrapped fiberglass
Weight2.6 pounds
Type Fishing
Shaft colors Black

Carlisle Predator Fiberglass Kayak Paddle

  • Smooth paddling
  • Durable
  • Friendly grip shaft eliminates hand fatigue
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • The lock button to connect two pieces need some elbow grease

5. Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle

Best kayak paddle in 2020

The Carlisle magic plus kayak paddle has a great blade design for touring or for paddlers who spend a lot of time on the water with the best lighter paddle. The balanced asymmetrical blades minimize wrist fatigue and reduce torque.

However, Slight spooning in the blade grab water and provides the power needed when typical paddling 10 to 12-foot recreational kayak. The edge features glass reinforced lightweight polypropylene material. The shaft of the paddle has very lightweight wrapped fiberglass material.

The paddle is built to last with the durable glass-filled polypropylene blades and wrapped fiberglass shaft. Efficient, versatile, and balanced paddle performs well in both near rocky shorelines and open water. The fiberglass shaft has warm touch even in cold weather and is cool when it’s hot, compared to aluminum.

The magic plus easily breaks down into two pieces for secure storage and transport. You can use the no-fail push button to take down feather the blades to 60 degrees for left or right-handed control.

Features of Carlisle Magic

  • Glass-filled polypropylene blades are durable and lightweight, so they produce efficient and smooth strokes.
  • The wrapped fiberglass shaft is lightweight, durable, and comfortable to hold in cold or hot temperatures.
  • No-fail push button to take down blades to be feathered at 60-degrees or set inline for left or right-handed control.
  • Rubber drip rings can help you to keep your legs and hands dry while paddling.

Specifications of Carlisle Magic

Weight 35.4oz
Colors cloud and sunrise
Length 220, 240 and 230 cm
Shaft Material Lightweight and Fiberglass

Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle

  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Strong materials
  • Too heavy
  • Water rings not good

6. Caviness Wood Paddle

Caviness Wood Paddle

The Caviness wood paddle is one of the best wood paddles that are available in 36 inches length and 6 feet, which is the perfect size for a tall person. It’s great because it provides a wide variety of height for many age groups. The paddle construction features a long straight blade, A-palm grip, and solid wood construction.

There are two stripes down the blade, adding to the overall look of the paddle. While the paddles are constructed by solid, the finish leaves room to be desired. When the paddle arrives, there is much need for sanding and even in an additional varnish cost.

Therefore, If you do not want to send the paddle or apply varnish, then it’s not the paddle you should choose. Some people found that providing additional care to their paddle is an enjoyable experience and leads to the best fondness for their canoeing sport.

Features of Caviness-paddle

  • The paddle is made of wood material which is attractive crafted with the twin stripe design
  • Its equipped with the Caviness wedge insert
  • The stylish varnish finish and parallel to blade face shaft orientation.

Specifications of Caviness Wood

Product dimensions
35.5 x 6 x 1.2 inches
Product weight1.2 pounds
Material Wood

Caviness Wood Paddle

  • A-Palm grip
  • Straight Blade
  • Different sizes of length
  • No sanding
  • Rough varnish



The angler ace snap paddle from the Bending Branches got a re-design. The Angler is designed with the performance of the kayak paddle and the versatility and ruggedness that anglers need. The over-sized carbon-reinforced nylon blades offer efficiency and power with every stroke and come equipped with a dual tape measure on the shaft so you can size up your trophy.

Moreover, there is a hook re-travel system built right into the blade for more convenience. The angler Ace features a snug-fitting three-hole snap-button ferrule that allows it to be sized up and use by different paddlers.

This can be your ace on water and suited for a day of just reaching or cruising that secret fishing hole with every pun intended. Alike Bending Branches paddles, the premium product is an exception and included a hook retrieval, and built-in tape measure on the shaft makes it the best paddle for anglers.

Features of Bending Branches

  • Cruise and explore the water with the recreational paddle that is easy to separate into two pieces for storage and compact travel.
  • Enter the paddles with the confidence with the polypropylene blades on the paddle that provides durability.
  • Engineered for pull-through, the surface area and blade shape on bounce paddle eliminate excessive blade flutter.
  • Slip-resistant grips ovalized shaft paddles rest comfortably in the hands with comfort.

Specifications of Bending Branches

Blade size 7.25 x 18 inches
Shaft materialCarbon
Shaft shapeStraight
Blade Material Carbon/Nylon


  • Built-in tape measure to size your catch
  • The hook-retrieval notch on one blade in case line gets caught in a tree
  • Lightweight for a comfortable fishing experience
  • Expensive
  • No way to drain the water.

8. Backwater Assassin Carbon Fiber Hybrid Kayak Paddle

Fiber Hybrid Kayak Paddle

The Backwater Assassin provides a gnarly first impression with its serrated edges. The patented teeth and hook design allow for a better response from the paddle through the water. The full-sized paddle is the predecessor of the Assault Hand weights and paddle in at 38 ounces and 42 ounces for two different sizes. It is constructed with a stout carbon hybrid shaft; the paddle is real. It comes with the adjustable two lengths form 230-240 cm and 250-260 cm.

The paddles live up to the hype in function and design. The serrated edges provide the Angler’s ultimate control in the water. ABS injected nylon blades on the paddle ensures maximum durability. The paddle has an oversized hook on the right paddle that makes retrieval of snagged lines or runaway decoys a breeze.

Additionally, The design of the kayak handle allows for comfort durability from both low and high angle rowing. The oversized paddles felt best in fast-moving water and give you maximal control in the current. The paddles are noticeably sturdy constructed that allowed us to utilize the Assassin in a multitude of ways without any question on durability.

Features of Backwater Assassin Paddle

The paddle is a full-size version of a legendary predecessor that is designed for form and function.

The weight of the paddles at 38 ounces is adjustable from 230-240 cm that gives you the best performance and

Versatility with teeth and hook design and raised graphic package.

The hook of the paddle is best for grabbing a line under the water, pulling you closer to the deck, and makes a more natural tree limb to reach.

The blade of the paddle helps to pull a lot of water when padding and make turning even more comfortable.

Specifications of Backwater Assassin Paddle

Weight 38oz
Shaft size Standard
Material Fiberglass/Carbon
Shaft Shape Straight
Blade Material Nylon

Backwater Assassin Carbon fiber hybrid kayak paddle

  • Great paddle
  • Hook helps to save in flood water
  • Easy to control
  • Feel good in your hands
  • Build solid and super lightweight
  • Durable
  • Bit expensive

9. Perception Kayak Pescador Paddle

Perception Kayak Pescador Paddle

The perception Pescador is made by the best company that produces a line of best fishing kayaks and best fishing kayak paddles. The aluminum paddles are durable shaft will ensure years of use with the plastic blades that will hold up to the environment you subject them on your angling adventures.

The heavy-duty paddle is the best for propelling this bulkier and heavier kayaks. The shaft on the paddle is adjustable from 23- to 240 cm all the credit goes to the push-button ferrule, the joint that connects two parts of the paddle.

The blades of the paddle are dihedral promote the stable and smooth ride on a variety of conditions and surfaces. A line hook in the blade can assist in retaining the snagged line so you will never lose your prized lure.

Features of Perception Kayaks Pescador

  • The sturdy blades on the right side of the paddles are specially designed for maximum control and maneuverability of heavier fishing kayak.
  • The range of the paddle is adjustable from 230-240 cm
  • The flexible and easy to use push button ferrule
  • The weight of the product is very lightweight, only 34oz
  • Tow planed dihedral blade design for stable, smooth, and stealthy strokes.

Specifications of Perception Kayak Paddles

Product weight57 x 10 x 57 inches
Item weight2.4 pounds
Blade MaterialPlastic
Shaft type2-Piece
Shaft Material Aluminum

Perception Kayak Pescador Paddle

  • Super lightweight paddle
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy blade design
  • Adjustable push-button ferrule
  • Stable, stealthy and smooth design
  • May not work for a long time

10. Shoreline Marine Rounded Kayak Paddle

Best fishing kayak paddle review

If you are on a budget or getting started and are not ready to invest in the high-quality paddle, Shoreline Marine kayak paddle is considering. It’s basic, but it will get you out on the water and catching fish without breaking the bank.

Shoreline doesn’t show the weight, but it is not likely to be particularly light considering the plastic blades and aluminum shaft. It comes in one size, so its best for full kayak and taller paddles.

Moreover, The plastic blades are not reinforced with fiberglass, so you will want to be more careful while you are pushing off rocks and obstacles. The foam grips are insulated your hands from the aluminum that can be uncomfortable to hold when it is very cold or hot out.

Moreover, you don’t find in budget paddles are the curved rather than straight blades. It will help the paddle flow smoothly through the water and prevent fluttering that is uncomfortable and inefficient over periods.

Features of Shoreline

  • The comfortable and simple design of paddle will keep you moving on the water easily all day.
  • The double drip guards to help you dry, the design will keep you paddling even all day.
  • The three-position pin system allows you to rotate the aluminum shaft to customize the blade angle to fit style and experience level for comfort and power of paddle stroke
  • The blade propels you through the water with more ease.

Specifications of Shoreline

Product dimensions
50 x 7 x 4 inches
Weight2.2 pounds
Length244 cm
Shaft MaterialAluminum
Blade Material High-Angle

Shoreline Marine Rounded Kayak Paddle

  • Enough sturdy to stand up to the rough treatment
  • Due to its length, it gives more power and reaches
  • Great performance
  • Light pushing off the bottom
  • The paddle may be stuck sometimes

How To Choose The Best Kayak Paddles for Fishing

When it comes to choosing the paddle for fishing, there are three main areas you need to focus on.

  • Weight
  • Paddle Length
  •  Blade Shape
  •  Blade Design
  • Shaft
  • Shaft Design

Some kayak paddles have extra features like built-in measurement marketing, or retrieval notches cut into the paddle blade for dealing with the snags. These are nice to have, but you should consider these as secondary to the above criteria.

1) Weight

As the work of thumb, you need the lightest paddles that easily fit within your budget. If you are testing the water and not sure how committed you are to fishing kayak. Just get a budget paddle and need to worry about weight.
But if you know, you will be spending a decent amount of time on the water. You will save yourself money in the long run and have more fun by getting the first paddle upfront rather than upgrading down the line.

2) Paddle Length

The arguably and first most important thing you need to get right when choosing a paddle is the length. If your paddle is not sized right, your paddling will be awkward and less efficient.

You must run the risk of banging the paddle on the side of the kayak if it’s short. Most anglers are aware of how well sound travels underwater. Knocking your paddle against the size of your kayak is the best way to blow your spook and cover the fish.

3) Blade shape

Generally, paddle blades are broken into two categories: high-angle blades and low angle blades.

4) High-Angle

The wide and show blades use for the high-angle paddling generate power per stroke and get you moving with the few strokes. The extra power comes in handy for fishing kayaks, which tend to be heavier and wider than your average kayak. These work well when paddling from a high seating position for the instant maneuvering while navigating rivers.

5) Low Angle

Narrow and long, low-angle blades are best for a relaxed paddling style. You won’t generate much power per stroke, but they are best for cruising in flat water. These are the great choice if you tend to cover a lot of ground while fishing, setting your rods up for trolling.

6) Blade Design

It’s also an important feature that has to take into consideration when it comes to paddle blades is their design. Now, paddle blades have an asymmetrical shape that means they are narrow and short.

However, Design features rib that down the center of the blade, thus making it easy for the paddle to get through the water and as a result, they are less taxing on the arms as well. The blades are very reliable when it comes to tracking straight, and smoothness on the water means that you can paddle with them for longer distances without tired.

7) Shaft

The paddles of the kayak come with the feathered or matched shifts, although both options make for an effective paddle, they are different from one another in performance.

8) Shaft Design

Shifts either have bent or straight design. The paddles with the bent shaft typically feature a kinked section that makes handling the shaft more comfortable when you are delivering powerful strokes.

The design of the bent shaft is less taxing on your muscles and joints that make it the best choice when doing these long excursions. However, if you straight shaft paddles and think of switching to the bent shaft design, you will feel the difference and will need the practice to adjust.

Materials of The Best Kayak Paddle

Aluminum is the material of the blade. Aluminum doesn’t cost much for this reason; mostly, the cheapest paddles are made with this material. The benefits of the aluminum are it’s a bit heavier than the other elements.
But mostly it’s more bearable as it is heavy for the trip. One may find the comfort level in slightly lighter paddles.

Shafts and Blades

Shafts and Blades of the kayak are made with several suitable materials. There are some common blade materials for blades.


The fiberglass material is very lightweight and inexpensive. Fiberglass is too much strength being a lightweight material.

Carbon Fiber

It is one of the expensive materials for the kayak paddles, but for their price range, it’s convenient in usage. These paddles are lighter than fiberglass made paddles.


Plastic material is used to make the paddles; it’s very lightweight and inexpensive. It’s undeniable, but the plastic paddles can’t survive for a long time.

After the use of a few days, it may go wrong in shape. Presently, you hardly find the paddles of kayak made of plastic material. If you find one, that is made of some best quality plastic that can be a competitor for the other stuff as well.


The paddles that are made of wood materials are lightweight and inexpensive. One of the best things about these paddles is that it can last for a long time as the carbon fiber paddles. A wooden shaft can go in the long run, and it cannot be harmed in the water as well.

Things To Be Consider Before Buying The Best Kayak Paddle For Fishing

Paddle length

Selecting the right size paddle can be one of the best decisions to make. The width of the boat and the height of the paddle are two different factors that determine the length of the paddle.

However, The taller paddlers will need the full kayak, longer paddles, like those typically used for fishing, will often require longer paddles. As variations occur between manufacturers, it’s best to refer to each brand’s sizing to determine the appropriate size for you.


If you read this, it’s likely that you have purchased a fishing kayak or have the plan to do so. The paddles will be one of the next purchases that follow. The price pays a significant role in selecting a kayak paddle. Materials, brands, and features can also factor in the cost of the paddle.


Just like the kayak paddles also come in many different materials. Plastic and aluminum are typically the most massive and cheapest option. One the other side, carbon fiber is the lightest, most reliable, and expensive equipment used in the paddles.

Other options include composite and fiberglass. Paddles can be comprised of different materials. The blades can be made of one element, while the shafts are made from different materials.

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How to steer a kayak?

Use a substantial sweeping motion with the paddle. As you do this, you will notice that bow of the kayak turning away from a stroke. Continue until the directions you want.

How to hold a kayak paddle?

Sit all way back in the kayak seat, hold the paddle with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders, reach forward with the paddle, and pull it again with the help of your arms, core, and shoulders. You can repeat the same process to the other side.

The length of a kayak depends on its factors, but the chief among them is the height of the paddler. Who tall you are, you need the longer paddles? Its simple, best, and the length of the kayak paddle range between the 210 to 230 cm.

Do kayak paddles float?

Yes, the paddles of the kayak reviewed in our list, float on the water. So, losing a paddle chance is very slim.


It’s tough to find the best kayak paddle for fishing. You have to go through a bit of factor, and instruction should be kept in your mind. However, you can find your favorite paddle as well.

There are some fantastic kayak paddles according to your requirements and necessary need that are budget-friendly. You can easily pick a heavy-duty paddle for a day-long adventurous tour and have quality time. You can choose an attractive and curved paddle for a vacation trip for a fantastic time.


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