1 Person Inflatable Hot Tub – One Person Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide

If you want to appreciate the advantages of the inflatable hot tub outside the house, then definitely, you will be glad to know that there is such an incredible concept as an ‘outside’ hot tub. If your bathroom or restroom doesn’t include a bathtub and have only a shower, then buy an inflatable bathtub and enjoy a relaxing bath without any tension. 1 Person Inflatable Hot Tub is a perfect way to enjoy your loneliness.

You can use bathtubs in both places indoors and outdoors. Inflatable tubs are portable; you can easily take them with you any time, any place even when you are on travel.

These tubs are generally inflatable; you can use these hot tubs anywhere inside or outside the house as you may have just visualized; they are more intended outside to be utilized, ideally at the end of spring. Likewise worth referencing is that these tubs are extremely simple to introduce and typically low upkeep.

They are available in various sizes (for one person, two, and so on), which is the reason you should have a brilliant thought about what you want from an inflatable hot tub before purchasing it. To make things easier for you, we set up together a rundown of the ten best inflatable hot tubs out there to enable you to out.

There are some extraordinary inflatable hot tubs, yet additionally a couple of not very great ones (and some that are out terrible and out, indeed, discussing your Radiant Saunas hot tub).

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Inflatable Hot Tub

If you’ve decided to invest your money in an inflatable hot tub, you should be aware of special requirements and maintenance having a hot tub. In case you’re satisfied with obliging such huge things inside the house or outside the home, at that point, you need any tub you put your focus to fulfill every one of the guidelines you need. We may have to help you, thereby guiding you the correct way. Here are some essential things you should know before buying an inflatable hot tub.


When you are buying the inflatable hot tub you should look how big it is. Size matters a lot; here, we are not talking about the overall size of the tub but also talking about how many people can easily fit. Mostly inflatable tub sizes start from one person to eight persons with different prices.


After the size, the next thing to look at is the space requirements of the tub. When you are using the tub inside or outside the house, you’re going to get an appropriate space so that your tub can easily use anywhere.

Plug socket

It is also essential to take a good look because you will be using to connect the tub to your water fixture. It doesn’t need any special wiring, so don’t worry about anything other than the socket when determining the tub will fit in your household or not. Don’t use an extension lead as it can cause many issues in the long run.

Setting up an inflatable hot tub

These tubs come with the installation guide that tells you all the essential and necessary settings about an inflatable hot tub. After that, there’s no need for any additional tools to set up because all the required things are available in the package of the tub.

Inflating the tub

It is important to know that not to over inflate the tub for the first time. The main reason behind this process is that light, heat, and water cause the tub to inflate further over time. Always you can add and remove air from the inflatable tub to any point. Keep in mind that temperature plays a vital role in the maintenance of the hot tub’s integrity.

Heating the water

Almost all the hot tubs come with guides on how to look after them. But there are some important and general rules to follow for the long-lasting durability of hot tubs.

Firstly, use a water filter to clean water and replace the water filter once in a while.

All these tubs built to last, but you should remember that they might get punctured if they pushed a sharp object again. Don’t worry if you face this problem; this happens because many hot tubs pack repair kits for this purpose.

Surfaces which are suitable for your inflatable hot tubs

Pad made of concrete

A concrete pad is the recommended foundation for your tubs whether or not your tub is an indoor one or outdoor one because it has the following characteristics.

The thickness of the concrete pad must be within the specified limit, which is allowed by the society where you live, provided there is any law that relates to the construction and installation of the tubs in that society.

If the society has no law related to this the minimum thickness of the concrete pad should be 4 inches. This is the adequately support the weight of water, the weight of the tub, and the weight of the person that will take a bath in the tub. Pad size and the size of the tub should be equal.


The grass is one of the most used surfaces under an inflatable hot tub. However, the grass is good, but when you use your inflatable hot tub in any ground you should try to use a ground cloth or an air mat under the inflatable hot tub. It will be suitable for both puncture protection and heat insulation.

Stone or crushed gravel

If your tub situated outside the home at that time, these kinds of foundations recommended.

  • The minimum thickness should be 4 inches.
  • To keep the foundation perfectly in place, you should construct a frame around the tub.
  • For better durability, it must have a proper drainage channel.

Our best pickup for 1 person inflatable hot tub

1. Portable Bathtub (Small) by Homefilos, Japanese Soaking Bath Tub for Shower Stall, Inflatable Flexible Plastic Adult Size Foldable Ofuro
2. CO-Z Inflatable Bath Tub Adult PVC Portable Foldable Free Standing Bathtub
3. Inflatable Bathtub, Tubble ® Royale, Adult Size Portable Home Spa tub, Comfortable Bath
4. XL Blue Color Inflatable Bathtub Plastic Portable Foldable Bathtub Soaking Bathtub Home SPA Bath Equip with Electric Air Pump
5. PENSON & CO. Inflatable Bath Tub PVC Portable Adult Bathtub
6. Back to 20s Adult Inflatable Bath Tub
7. EoSaga Inflatable Bath Tub PVC Portable SPA Environmental Bathtub Bathroom SPA For an Adult With Air Pump
8. NAMU Adult Spa PVC Foldable Portable Adult Bathtub Inflatable Bath Size 152cm 85cm 75cm with Electric Pump.

1. Portable Bathtub (Small) by Homefilos – Japanese Soaking Bath Tub for Adults

Portable Bathtub (Small) by Homefilos, Japanese Soaking Bath Tub for Shower Stall, Inflatable Flexible Plastic Adult Size Foldable Ofuro


Homefilos portable bathtub is the best hot tub available. We fastidiously design this product with you; the user in mind so that you can take a fantastic bath, developed the labor-saving water draining system, a great storage bag so you can easily store it anywhere.

This bathtub is easy to set up and use. This hot tub designed for use in home bathrooms without a bath tub. Homefilos introduce an exciting product of the portable bathtub which is inflated quickly and easy to use.

This tub is the best choice of 1 person with a round shape for compact spaces. You can enjoy a relaxing full body spa with a height of this tub is 1 ¾ -feet’s. You can nicely step in and out of the tub with this entirely short height, which is safer for shorter and elder people.

The plastic support rods of the tub helps you to keep the shape while using. This spa hot tub has a unique water-draining system which allows you to run the water hose from the inflatable, portable tub to the drain. After the use of the tub, the open the water valve to start the draining process.

The storage bag for Jacuzzi hot tub is also included to help reduce clutter. You can store a portable tub and its accessories in this bag when you are finished to take it back out when you want to use it again. Homefilos gives 6 months warranty to its clients, so purchase it with confidence.



The size of this 1 person inflatable hot tub is small 1ft 10in height and 2ft 5.5 Diameters. This size recommended for adults.

Comfortable shorter height

You can use it without any fear of tripping and without feeling claustrophobic. This spa tub specially designed for elderly and shorter people.

Multiple ways to drain

The hot tub can drain by various means 1 center hot tub drain and 5ft drain hose that provides you the flexibility to use in any bathroom without any spilling everywhere.


If you buy this tub, we will offer you something extra as a gift or bonus with this tub. A large storage bag and six simple bathtub liners. You can store an organize your tub using the kit, and bath tub lines help you sharing your bathtub easily.


The quality of this inflatable spa tub is fantastic, so we stand by with our hot tub 100%; you can buy it confidently because we are offering a 6-month warranty.

Specifications of Portable Bathtub

MaterialVinyl Plastic
Hose Length5 feet
Weight6.8 pounds
Dimensions29.5 x 29.5 x 21.5 inches

Portable Bathtub (Small) by Homefilos

  • The tub comes with a storage bag
  • 6-month warranty
  • Plastic support rods for support
  • 6 sample bath tub liners
  • Foot air pump
  • Water hose
  • Small in size can easily place at any bathroom
  • Single person hot tub
  • If the tub sits directly over the shower drain, then it’s difficult to drain.

2. CO-Z Inflatable Bath Tub Adult PVC Portable Foldable Free Standing Hot Tub

CO-Z Inflatable Bath Tub Adult PVC Portable Foldable Free Standing Bathtub


The CO-Z bathtub is comfortable to drain water and easy to assemble. You can also easily fold to save space comfortably inflatable. The design of this hot tub is a user-friendly tub that has a cup holder; overall, this tub comes with a beautiful appearance.

This tub is super comfortable and has an inflatable backrest, armrest and decorative inflate pillow for your head. This inflatable hot tub made of high-density PVC, which is non-toxic. You will enjoy a comfortable soak, spa in both cold winter and hot summer.

This inflatable hot tub is softer, affordable, and convenient than a traditional or regular bathtub.
This hot tub has an upper cover you can roll back when you don’t need it, and you can soak up some sun. This top cover can also zip up to keep warm or cold out of the weather convert into a baby’s swimming pool by removing the lid.

The air pump is an essential part of this tub, which supports a 110V domestic power supply and a 15.9 maximum airflow rate. The size of this inflatable tub is 33 inches wide, and 63-inches long, give you plenty of room.



The inflatable hot tub made of high density, eco-friendly PVC finished with thermal fusion technology for anti-deformation, durability, non-toxic, and waterproof performance.

Easy to use

This 1 person inflatable hot tub inflatable Jacuzzi hot tub is easy to use and comes with 3 air holes for easy and fast inflating hold different needs. The maximum airflow rate of this hot tub is 15.9CFM your bathtub will be ready in just 2 to 3 minutes.


The design of this inflatable tub is user-friendly, a beautiful pillow; backrest is also the part of this tub and armrest that helps you in comfort and excellent support, from any long day you can eliminate your tiredness. A warm-keeping zipper that is used to ensure rich spa experience unwind, jump in, and enjoy.


You can easily store your inflatable hot tub anywhere you can quickly collapse for storage or transport, the upper cover can be rolled back and zipped up so you can keep fresh or stay warm. You can enjoy your spa at any time in any place.


The regular dips have been known to help eliminate toxins in the improve skin, body, and slim the body. This tub is perfect for a weekend stay or camping trip at the cabin; truly a must-have bathtub on the go.

Specifications of CO-Z Inflatable Bath Tub

Product weight  7.9 pounds
ASIN   B01N4M2U65
Dimensions14 x 11.9 x 5 inches
Model number TRTA003630

CO-Z Inflatable Bath Tub

  • The 1 person inflatable hot tub comes with Inflatable pillow, backrest and armrest so you can comfortably enjoy the spa.
  • A cup holder is also part of this inflatable tub so; you can enjoy your favorite drink while taking a spa.
  • A unique zipper covers to protect you from the effects of weather.
  • An air pump which helps you in the inflating process
  • This tub is an excellent choice for outdoor trips or camping.
  • Light in weight, natural to carry
  • You can enjoy soaking in warm water and increase your ability to relax.
  • Inexpensive product
  • The smell of the plastic comes from you after taking a spa.
  • The drain hose is only like 2 feet long, and it’s not going to reach if you place the tub in any other direction.
  • The drain gives you only cold water, and if you need warm water that uses an alternate way.

3. Inflatable Bathtub, Tubble Royale Adult Size Portable Home Spa hot tub

Inflatable Bathtub, Tubble Royale, Adult Size Portable Home Spa tub, Comfortable Bath


Do you miss having a hot tub? When you came from work, do you want a warm bath? Or do you have a lot in mind, and you need to relax? Don’t worry, we a solution to your problems, here we come with an inflatable spa tub.
Tubble Royale introduces a very comfortable inflatable tub; you can take it anywhere indoor or outdoor.

It is incredibly battered then an ordinary bath because of the flexible sides, integrated headrest, and soft sitting. Large in size people who think they are tall and they usually never find good thing easily, relax this inflatable Jacuzzi hot tub is large format about 6.2 length so tall people can comfortably stretch their legs if you close the top of the Tumble water will stay warm for a long time.

This inflatable hot tub is an excellent choice for small bathrooms, and you can do it in just one minute because it comes with an electronic pump. If you want to put it away theirs no issue, you can quickly drain the water afterward with the drain hose. Plug it put it next to a drain, and see the water flow away.

It’s challenging to get kids to shower, but with this inflatable hot tub, it becomes a great memory rather than a job. Easy to set up and compact. After a tough day gym or coming back from work, we all need a shower, so what’s an excellent way to do so with Tubble inflatable tub.

You can use it according to the weather situation warm water or take an ice bath; the Tubble 1 person inflatable hot tub handles it easily. Simple and easy to use the best solution for your problems affordable, using it you will feel comfortable and relax. The electric air pump comes with white color and a Y extension so you can inflate the whole tub at once, no need to repeat the process.

The basic bathtub comes with a black air pump, but without the Y extension so you’ll have to repeat the process, but done in two minutes. A power adaptor comes with every region, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a separate power adaptor. An additional feature of this inflatable bathtub is that you will get a storage bag with the tub.



The Tubble inflatable bathtub comes with high quality made of 6 layered PVC withstands bath foam and bath oil, oil-water, saltwater, hot water up to 100F. The design of Tubble 1 person inflatable hot tub is designed in Amsterdam, easy to use, and comfortable. Everyone can use it without a bath. The model improved with a zipper.

Comfortable size

The tub can hold almost 60 gallons of water, the internal size of the tub is 52x22x17, and the outer size is 62x31x17. An excellent choice for 1 person and suitable for people up to 6ft length.

Easy to use

The tub inflates in just one minute with the help of a US electric pump. The drain system is secure, lets water flow into the shower drain.


Foldable hot bathtub, 48 inch PVC drainage pipe, US electric pump, cup holder, manual in English. Free auto inflator.
One year warranty in case of any defect and 30 days return policy.

Tubble Royale, Inflatable Bathtub

  • The tub can hold 60 gallons of water
  • Inflates within 1 minute
  • An electric pump
  • Length is excellent 62 inches long
  • The hot tub comes with a patch kit and spare valve in case one needs to replace it.
  • The size of the cup holder is small; few cups fit in it.
  • The zip cover is not right it should remove
  • Bit costly compared to the other tubs
  • Does not have an inclined backrest

4. XL Blue Color Inflatable  hot tub with Electric Air Pump



XL Blue Color Inflatable Bathtub Plastic Portable Foldable Bathtub Soaking Bathtub Home SPA Bath Equip with Electric Air Pump

If you want an inflatable hot tub in a large size, then you are in the right place. This inflatable tub takes 5 to 10 minutes to inflate; the water will become warm after almost 10 minutes of work. The tub is made of plastic material and combined with the air will keep water warm for about 1 hour.

The plug has a water drain pipe and plugs at the bottom for water draining once you are finished using it. The electronic pump also comes with the tub which takes only a few minutes to inflate the hot tub fully.

Both ends of this hot tub have inflatable pillow rest; you can use tub from both sides as well for holding two persons in the tub.

The cup holder also placed at one side make it easy to keep cold fresh juice, so you can enjoy refreshing beverage when you are soaking in the 1 person inflatable hot tub. If you want the best soaking experience in both cold winter and hot summer, then this hot tub is designed for you.

Installation of the hot tub is easy; place the hot tub on the flat floor, inflate the tub using an electric pump, fill around 90% air in the hot tub after the air filling adds water in the tub, and enjoy the beautiful spa. You can use it in a drawer or anywhere inside or outside.



This is a large size bathtub the outer size is 160x120x60cm, and the internal capacity of the tub is 115x80x60cm, which is suitable for those within 200kg or one or people. You can easily use this inflatable hot tub either indoor or outdoor, equip with a plug at the bottom, and come with the water pipe for water draining.


This inflatable hot tub comes with an electronic air pump, which takes 5 to 10 minutes in the inflating process; the pump will warm after the use, must turn off the pump, and use it again after it is cold.


The tub made of plastic material, durable and thick because of the thick plastic and air-water will remain warm around an hour. All the members of the family can use it for kids having a swimming pool, for mom, a body spa at home, and for dad soaking tub. If you feel any problem after receiving the tub, contact us, we will give you competent service.

Specifications of XL Blue Color 1 person Inflatable hot tub

Product weight8.8 pounds
Product dimensions63 x 47.2 x 23.6 inches
Color Blue
Shape Rectangle

XL Blue Color Inflatable Bathtub

  • Dimensions are extra large
  • The drain plug placed at the bottom
  • You will get a water drain pipe to help direct water flow
  • The size is large enough to fit two people in comfort
  • Two rest inflatable pillows are available
  • Multiple inflatable areas
  • Electric pump become warm in 5 to 10 minutes

5. PENSON & CO. Inflatable Bath Tub PVC Portable Adult Bathtub


PENSON & CO. Inflatable Bath Tub PVC Portable Adult Bathtub

This inflatable tub comes with an inflatable backrest, sponge cushion, and armrest for a comfortable spa or socking experience. The material of this tub is high-density PVC, which is non-toxic so that you can take bathe without any worry.

The hot tub quickly inflates with an electronic air pump. You can zip the upper cover, or you can roll it back out of the way. One cup holder is also here; you can hold a cup or any other accessories like a mobile phone; watch, etc.

The cup holder on the side of the tub allows you to enjoy cold drinks while you relax in the comfort of the tub. After using inflate tub, you can easily fold and store quickly. This inflatable tub is 63 inches long and 32 inches wide, provides you plenty of room for soaking.



The inflatable hot tub comes with many extra features like the armrest, backrest, and sponge cushion that gives you a comfortable bath experience.


This hot tub made of high-density PVC, which is non-toxic and environment-friendly so that you can enjoy a bath without any worry.

Easy to use

You can easily fold and store the inflatable tub, and enjoy spa anytime directly pumping it up.

Cup Holder

The inflate hot tub comes with a cup holder on the side of the tub holds cellphones, beverages, and MP3 players. You can roll back the upper cover whenever you want.

Specifications of PENSON & CO. 1 person Inflatable hot Tub

Product weight    7.45 pounds
Product Dimensions 11. X 5.3 x 16 inches
Color    Blue
Material Vinyl
Number of handles2
Model number COMIN18JU002266

PENSON & CO. Inflatable Bath Tub

  • Easily foldable
  • You will protect yourself from sunlight using the top cover
  • Inflatable cushion, armrest, and backrest are the main features of the tub
  • It’s very comfortable to sit in; the bottom has a fiberfill so you can rest comfortably.
  • It will remain in decent shape after many years.
  • Multiple sections to inflate separately
  • If you’re a tall or broad person, this tub will not be an excellent product for you.
  • You can blow it using the tiny hand pump, which takes a long time.

6. Back to 20s Adult Inflatable Hot Bath Tub


Back to 20s Adult Inflatable Bath Tub

The back to 20 adult tub is an inflatable bathtub for your bathroom with an electronic pump so you can quickly inflate the tub. The hot tub is made of hardcore PVC and is 31 inches wide and 57inches long. You will get an inflatable cushion for your backrest and upper cover with zipping to keep warm water heated.

One cup holder on the side of the tub also placed so you can enjoy a fresh beverage when you are relaxing in the spa tub. You can drain out the water of the bottom of the tub and can easily fit with a hose to direct draining water anywhere.



This tub specially designed for adults, inflatable bathtubs for up to 100kg person.

Electric Pump

The electric pump also comes with a tub for instant inflating the hot tub. The pump won’t make bubbles in water, so it doesn’t use a pump in water.


The back to 20 adults tub is a durable inflatable hot tub made of heavy-duty PVC. The outer side of the tub is almost 57inches length, 31inches width, and 27inches height. And the internal size of the tub is 47inches length, 20inches width, and 18inches height.

Specifications of Back to 20s Adult 1 person Inflatable Hot Tub

Product weight 8.45 pounds
Package dimensions16.8 x 14.3 x 5.2 inches
Part number PX

Back to 20s Adult Inflatable Bath Tub

  • The tub comes with an inflatable pillow
  • Cup holder, so you can enjoy fresh drinks while taking a spa
  • You can quickly inflate the hot tub with the help of an electric pump.
  • It takes only 2 to 3 minutes in the inflating process
  • 57 inches long good for the average person
  • The not right choice for tall person
  • Electric Pump will heat soon, so use it again when it is cold.

7. EoSaga Inflatable Bath Tub – PVC Portable SPA For Adult With Air Pump


EoSaga Inflatable Bath Tub PVC Portable SPA Environmental Bathtub Bathroom SPA For an Adult With Air Pump

This inflatable hot tub is extraordinarily intended to give consolation to your body and make full-body unwind. The tub is very comfortable credit goes to the inflatable cushion, backrest, and armrest. You can quickly inflate and assemble.

The Cup Holder keeps your beverages, cellphones, or different things at arm’s range. The hot tub is Environmental PVC material, non-lethal, and sound for everybody. After buying this tub, you can enjoy the seasons bathing at home effectively.

To make drain process faster, large drainage holes designed in this tub. 2 long zippers, simple to open and close the tub protection and spread. Eosaga Inflatable bathtub brings a comfortable experience for your bathing. This inflatable tub made of non-poisonous high thickness PVC.


Sufficient space

This tub comes with 63 x 33 x 25 inches; you can easily stretch your feet in the water, big enough for child and adult.


The tub is made of imported non-toxic PVC plastic, environment-friendly tub with durability so you can enjoy your bathing experience.


This inflatable hot tub is super soft due to the inflatable pillows and armrest. Best choice for one person.

Improve skin

The regular dips have been known to help eliminate toxins in the body; you can improve your skin and slim your shape.

Easily foldable

This inflatable spa tub is easy to fold and store, you can enjoy bathing anytime, anywhere merely pumping it up.


This hot tub comes with a pump to inflate the tub. The tub inflates in just 4 to 5 minutes.

Specifications of EoSaga 1 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

Part numberCO-Z FBT EAP
Product weight 3.58 KG
Product dimensions35.6 x 30.2 x 12.7 cm
Model numberTRTA003630

EoSaga Inflatable Bath

  • Comfortable hot tub
  • Comes with backrest and armrest
  • Available in blue color
  • Pump to inflate the tub
  • Plastic material
  • Only for one person

8. NAMU Adult Spa PVC Foldable Portable Adult 1 Person Inflatable Hot TUB


NAMU Adult Spa PVC Foldable Portable Adult Bathtub Inflatable Bath Size 152cm 85cm 75cm with Electric Pump

It doesn’t matter its winter or summer, the best thing to do after coming from the office is to sock in a hot bathtub and soothe your mind and body. Traditional tanks such as baths and Jacuzzis are costly.

The demands for the bathroom are enormous, and it’s challenging to fly into average people’s homes. In this situation, the inflatable bathtub came into being and became the favorite bathroom accessory of ordinary people. The outer dimensions of inflatable hot tub are 152cm long, 85cm wide and 75cm high.

The inner dimensions are 115cm long, 45cm wide, and 45cm high. This inflatable tub designed for children and adults. The tub made of PVC plastic. To inflate the tub air pump is also provided.



This inflatable hot tub is environment-friendly, non-toxic PVC, and high toughness.


The bottom design of the tub is Knitted cotton that gives efficient insulation so you can stay longer in the tub to relax.

Air pump

It comes with both electric and manual air pumps with dual inflator design, which increases the stamping speed. The tub inflates faster.


You will enjoy a comfortable, relaxing bath at home with a back pillow and three airbags that are independent to use.


Carefully inflate the tub and try to do not inflate or fold more conveniently. The design of the two-sided zipper looks more beautiful.

Specifications of NAMU Adult Spa

Maker MUNA
Capacity   1 person
Product weight    6.61 pounds

NAMU Adult Spa PVC Foldable bathtub

  • Electric and manual two air pumps
  • Beautiful design
  • Three independent airbags and one cushion
  • Tub inflates faster due to dual pumps
  • The tub is a bit costly

How to maintain your inflatable hot tub

When you purchase your inflatable hot tub, you’ll want to preserve by taking the proper care of it. We are sharing some tips to make sure that you keep it clean.

Change water

You should change the water properly. May you don’t want to waste the water, but it’s good to change it at least once a week. The main reason behind changing the water is you will prevent yourself from algae and bacteria. This is not a long process; simply attach the hose with inflatable hot tub and drain the water.

Clean your hot tub

Properly disinfect your inflatable hot tub. You should keep your hot tub as hygienic as possible. For cleaning the inflatable hot tub, keep a hose, a soft brush, a bucket, and a chlorine-based liquid.

Just fill the bucket or any tub with water and add some chlorine-based disinfectant take a rag, dip it in water and start cleaning your hot tub. You can use a soft brush to clean properly from outside and inside of the tub.

Many cleaning kits are available to you to maintain your hot tub. For more good results, you can use some chemicals which specially made for inflatable hot tubs.

After cleaning give some time to your hot tub to dried out completely. In many cases, it may take a long time, like 2 to 3 hours. Store your hot tub only when it has completely dried out.

Final words

You will enjoy a great spa experience in the inflatable hot tub at an affordable price. The price of an inflatable hot tub is lower than the price of a permanent fixture. Be sure to know where you will place the tub and how many people will use it.


How does an inflatable hot tub works?

The inflatable hot tubs are alternative to a permanently installed Jacuzzi or regular hot tubs. They work in the same way with the heater so you can control the temperature and other features such as bubble jets. The main benefit of an inflatable hot tub is the portability. You can use these tubs anywhere anytime and stow it when you need space.

Do I have to interface the tub to anything?

To handle the high demand for the heater you will need a power outlet. Many tubs provide you the feature of an air pump for inflation, which requires an additional outlet. Try to use safe cables and avoid extensions, also avoid damage from short circuits or electrical surges due to topwater splashes. There’s no need to connect the hot tub to a permanent water source. You can fill the inflatable hot tub manually with a hose and after use drain it with a hose.

Where would I be able to set up an inflatable hot tub?

The surface for your hot tub should be sufficient space & around it and it should be flat. It’s also important that the surface on which you place the inflatable hot tub can easily hold the weight of the tub, the volume of water and persons inside the tub.

How many times you should change water?

you should change the water at least once per month. In hot weather, sunlight will provide you the benefit to the buildup of algae and bacteria and you'll need to change the water at least once in a week. You should clean the tub with a sponge to pure the water.

Inflatable Hot tubs are safe for children’s?

well in some cases inflatable hot tubs are a good choice for children’s but in some situations, inflatable hot tubs are not recommended for kids. These tubs are no environment for bathing an infant. Kids should always be under parent supervision.


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